What is a local chapter meeting?

Local chapter meetings are official or unofficial meetings or get-togethers of EMBL alumni in a particular country. They can also be referred to as regional alumni meetings. They are organised by one or more alumni with the guidance and support of the Alumni Relations Office, and are usually hosted at the institute of one of the alumni organisers, though they can also take place in a local restaurant or public house.

EMBL pays for the travel and accommodation cost of a scientist (selected by the organisers) to attend the meeting in order to provide an EMBL up-date, and more specifically a presentation on their area of research. Feedback from local chapter meetings is crucial in helping EMBL meet the needs of alumni (where it can), and this is communicated by the alumni organisers as well as the EMBL scientist.

Local chapters serve as important platforms for scientific meetings and seminars, expertise and resource sharing and social gatherings. They can provide a unified and powerful voice to local and national politicians and funding bodies, and help to further science in the relevant regions. Local chapters can be particularly effective in organising fundraising initiatives to support regional activities.

Is there a local chapter near me?

There are active chapters in Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the UK and the USA. If you would like to help organise an alumni meeting in your country (be this research or industry-based), please contact the Alumni Relations Office.

How can I join a local chapter?

As a registered member of the EMBL Alumni Association, your e-mail will be added to a mailing list through which you will be informed of any local chapter activity in your country. The details of local chapter organisers for active countries are available on the local chapter pages. If you have a suggestion or query, please do not hesitate to contact the Alumni Relations Office.