How do I know if I'm a member?

To be a member, you have to actively have joined by registering online (if you left EMBL before 2008), or by clicking the link in the registration invitation sent to you (if you left after 2008). Receiving e-mails from us does not necessarily mean that you are a member. When in doubt, contact us.

I receive the EMBL&cetera newsletter, does this mean that I am a registered member?

No, we ask that you register online. This allows us to build the association network and capture useful information.

How and where do I login to change my profile or view the members directory?

The login link is on the right-hand side of the alumni pages.

Why should I join?

EMBL's alumni represent a unique and growing group of individuals who are actively bringing the exceptional experience of EMBL to the wider community, not just in basic research but in industry, commerce, government and education. The Association maintains a worldwide network of former EMBL staff for the benefit of its members, current EMBL staff and the wider scientific community. View resources available to you.

Are there any membership fees?

In order to be as accessible and inclusive as possible, the Alumni Association's policy is not to charge a membership fee. However, the Association does incur costs and needs money to carry out its activities. It therefore welcomes any donations from its members.

In contrast to the operation of many other alumni organisations, funds generated through EMBL alumni activities will be channeled back into the Association rather than be used as a source of Laboratory funding.

Who is eligible to join?

The Alumni Association is intended for scientists, support staff and members of the administration both at Heidelberg as well as the Outstations in Grenoble, Hamburg, Monterotondo and EMBL-EBI Hinxton. Former employees of EMBL, students, fellows, visitors, as well as members of SAC (Scientific Advisory Committee] and Council who have been at EMBL for at least 3 months are all eligible for joining.

More information below:
Who qualifies for full and associate membership?

Are there different types of membership?

Yes, there are two types of membership: full and associate.

Who qualifies for full membership?

Anyone listed above as eligible to join and who has been at EMBL for longer than 6 months qualifies for full membership. Full members have access to the Members Only section of the alumni website, may use all services and facilities available to alumni, and are entitled to vote and to stand for election to the Board.

Who qualifies for associate membership?

Anyone listed above as eligible to join and who has been at EMBL between 3-6 months qualifies for associate membership. Associate members have access to all the services offered to full members, only they cannot vote nor can they stand for election to the Board. However, they can be considered for full membership after serving for three years as associate members, if approved by the Board. Members of SAC and Council are given associate membership.

All members must have their application formally approved at a meeting of the Alumni Board.

When do I receive my password for the Members Only section of the web site?

The registration process is currently a manual one, involving checks with Personnel records before you are issued a password. This can take up to one month and we thank you for your patience.

When does membership end?

Members who take up employment, fellowship or visitor status at EMBL will not be members for the duration of such work at EMBL. Members may resign by written notice to the Board.

For more details, please refer to the Alumni Association Statutes: in English or in German