Time to celebrate!

Molecular Biology in Austria today would be unthinkable without the influence and contributions of EMBL and EMBO. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the EMBL and the 50th anniversary of EMBO, the EMBL Alumni Association and CeMM organize this two-day meeting to celebrate the discipline of molecular biology, with special reference to its roots, and to acknowledge the important role that the EMBL and EMBO have had in shaping the molecular biology community in Austria. EMBanniversary AUSTRIA serves as a gathering for this community, starting from the EMBL/EMBO family, including scientists, policy-makers and stakeholders with a link to Austria. The scientific and social event also serves as a local reunion of EMBL alumni and intends to reach out to the entire life sciences community and its supporters, politicians, policy-makers and society.


Programme at a Glance

Venue: CeMM, Lazarettgasse 14, AKH BT 25.3, A-1090 Vienna

Sunday July 6, 2014              17:00-22:00             Welcome Bash

Venue: Aula der Wissenschaften, Wollzeile 27a, A-1010 Vienna

Monday July 7, 2014             8:45-17:00              Scientific Program – Day 1

                                              17:00-21:00             Wine and Cheese, Networking and Reminiscence

Tuesday July 8, 2014             9:00-13:00              Scientific Program – Day 2

Full Programme


Guests of Honor

Reinhold Mitterlehner (Austrian Minister of Science, Research and Economy)
Iain Mattaj (EMBL Director General)
Maria Leptin (EMBO Director)
Helga Nowotny (Chair of the ERA Council Forum Austria)


Speakers and Chairs

All speakers are either: alumni of the EMBL, EMBO members, EMBO Young Investigators or recipients of a long-term EMBO fellowship. Special invitees hold important roles at EMBL or EMBO. Most speakers live in Austria but some have worked in Austria at a previous part of their career:

Gustav AMMERER (Vienna)
Manuela BACCARINI (Vienna)
Andrea BARTA (Vienna)
Julius BRENNECKE (Vienna)
Thijn BRUMMELKAMP (Amsterdam)
Meinrad BUSSLINGER (Vienna)
Georg CASARI (Vienna)
Kristina DJINOVIC (Vienna)
Daniel GERLICH (Vienna)
Thomas GRAF (Barcelona)
Martin HETZER (San Diego)
Lukas HUBER (Innsbruck)
Thomas JENUWEIN (Freiburg)
Caroline KOSIOL (Vienna)
Wilhelm KREK (Zurich)
Hans LEHRACH (Berlin)
Maria LEPTIN (Heidelberg)
Iain MATTAJ (Heidelberg)
Kim NASMYTH (Oxford)
Helga NOWOTNY (Vienna)
Jan-Michael PETERS (Vienna)
Klaus SCHEFFZEK (Innsbruck)
Christa SCHLEPER (Vienna)
Christian SCHLOETTERER (Vienna)
Renée SCHROEDER (Vienna)
Philipp SELENKO (Berlin)
Veronika SEXL (Vienna)
Maria SIBILIA (Vienna)
Alex STARK (Vienna)
Martin VINGRON (Berlin)
Graham WARREN (Vienna)
Erwin WAGNER (Madrid)
Anton WUTZ (Zurich)



Denise BARLOW (CeMM)
Norbert KRAUT (Boehringer Ingelheim, Vienna)
Giulio SUPERTI-FURGA (CeMM and chair of the board of the EMBL Alumni)



List of Sponsors



Venue: CeMM, Lazarettgasse 14, AKH BT 25.3, A-1090 Vienna
The Welcome Bash, open for all registered participants on Sunday night, 6 July will be hosted by the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, located in the new campus of the Vienna Medical University and General Hospital (AKH), in the 9th district.

Venue: Aula der Wissenschaften, Wollzeile 27a, A-1010 Vienna
The Scientific Conference from 7 – 8 July will be at the Aula der Wissenschaften, a frescoed 17th century building in the first district of Vienna sponsored by the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW).
Map and Directions



Attendance is free of charge but registration is required by June 6: