EMBL in France 2019: La Nautique, Vieux Port, Marseille
Monday 30 September 2019

Registration (open to all on first come - first served basis, 100 seats only)
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All EMBL staff, alumni, their colleagues and networks are invited to the EMBL in France event at "La Nautique", Vieux Port in Marseille.

Prior to the programme, there is the opportunity to visit the TARA boat (free) and join participants for a cocktail/dinner reception around the Frioul Islands on the boat “L´ILIENNE"” at own cost (€55 per person), on Sunday 29 September.

The programme on Monday 30 September 2019 will feature an exciting day of science talks and discussions about resources and opportunities at EMBL and in France. Connect with current and former EMBL staff, life science researchers and students from across France to grow networks, strengthen ties and explore collaborations.


Sunday 29/09
16:30-18:00 TARA boat exploration, Mucem port
Participants have been divided into 3 for groups starting 16:30; 17:00, 17:30 (please check your emails)
18:00-18:30 Walk to dinner


NEW TIME -- Cocktail/Dinner Reception around the Frioul Islands on the boat "L´ILIENNE". Please be at the boat for 18:15, boat departs promptly at 18:30.
At own cost (€55 per person)

Monday 30/09 La Nautique, Vieux Port
8:15 Coffee and registration



Session Parc des Calanques

Juan Reguera, Group Leader, AFMB Inserm, Marseille
Mehrnoosh Rayner, Head of Alumni Relations, EMBL Heidelberg
Tara Expeditions:
Pascal Hingamp, Associate Professor, Aix-Marseille Université


Session Sormiou  Chair: Renaud Vincentelli, Research Engineer, AFMB CNRS, Marseille

  • Thomas Lecuit, Research Director, IBDM, Marseille
  • Philippe Pierre, Director, CIML, Marseille
  • Juan Reguera, Group Leader, AFMB Inserm, Marseille
  • Stefania Millevoi, Team Leader, Inserm, Toulouse



Edith Heard and Stephen Cusack
Introduction to EMBL, our vision and future plans


Session Morgiou – Chair: Cameron Mackereth, Senior Research Associate, Inserm, Pessac

  • Edith Heard, Director General, EMBL
  • Francoise Helmbacher, Group Leader, IBDM, Marseille
  • Corinne Albiges-Rizo, Team Leader, IAB, La Tronche
  • Jonathan Ewbank, Team Leader, CIML, Marseille
  • Frederico Nardi, Unit Head, Sanofi, Montpellier



Session Sugiton  Chair: Juan Reguera, Group Leader, AFMB Inserm, Marseille

  • Felix Rey, Head of Structural Virology, Institute Pasteur, Paris
  • Stephen Cusack, Head of Outstation and Senior Scientist, EMBL Grenoble
  • Katia Zanier, Team Leader, IGBMC, Strasbourg
  • Morgane Bomsel, Team Leader, Institute Cochin, Paris
  • Montserrat Soler Lopez, Laboratory Scientist and Manager, ESRF, Grenoble



Session En Vau Chair: Eva Kowalinski, Group Leader, EMBL Grenoble

  • Bertrand Seraphin, Director IGBMC, Strasbourg
  • Carlo Petosa, Team Leader, IBS, Grenoble
  • Alena Shkumatava, Group Leader, Institute Curie, Paris
  • Marco Marcia, Group Leader, EMBL Grenoble

Juan Reguera, Closing statements