30 September 2019, La Nautique, Vieux Port, Marseille
All EMBL staff, alumni, their colleagues and networks are invited to the EMBL in France event at La Nautique, Vieux Port in Marseille.


15 January 2016, EMBL Grenoble
EMBL Grenoble staff and alumni in France met the new EMBL Alumni Association board at a reception held at EMBL Grenoble.

4-5 June 2015, EMBL Grenoble
Staff, alumni, partners and more met at EMBL Grenoble to celebrate site's 40th anniversary.


7 June 2013, Institut Curie, Paris
Former EMBL postdoc, Cameron Mackereth, now group leader at the IECB Bordeaux, brought together EMBL alumni in France to explore opportunities for grants, networks and resources. Generously hosted by Scientific Director of Institut Curie, EMBL alumnus, Daniel Louvard.


24 September 2012, Nice Acropolis
50 EMBL and EMBO staff and alumni caught up with one another at a session dedicated to them at The EMBO Meeting, where EMBL local alumni talked about life and science in Nice. The lively discussion continued over dinner at a local nicoise restaurant...


16 December 2011, EMBL Grenoble
Over 40 EMBL Grenoble staff and local alumni enjoyed a festive buffet following the EMBL Alumni Association board meeting. “We are delighted with the decision to hold one board meeting every year at an EMBL outstation, and with the interest of EMBL Grenoble staff today”, said Matthias Hentze, EMBL Associate Director. “It’s great community building for both staff and alumni”.