EMBL in the USA 2019 Symposium: The Future of Transcontinental Science
8-9 November 2019, Stanford University, Paul Brest Hall

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Join leaders in life science research for an exciting and inspirational two-day symposium that will look toward the future of life science research. What is the next frontier of tissue biology? How are life scientists collaborating across borders? How will data help us understand human biology? How do scientists start their own biotech companies? These big questions and others will be discussed by experts from around the world at this two-day symposium in Stanford. Come discover what the future holds for collaborative, transcontinental and inter-institution life science research.

Ticket options

  • Symposium Ticket - $150 (includes meals and refreshments; not including accommodation)
  • Fellow/Student Ticket - Free with valid student ID (includes meals and refreshments; not including accommodation)


8 Nov 2019
09:00-10:00  Registration and Welcome Coffee

Welcome by EMBL and Stanford

  • Edith Heard by Video, Director General, EMBL
  • Lloyd Minor, Dean, School of Medicine, Stanford University
  • Lars Steinmetz, Professor of Genetics and Co-director Stanford Genome Technology  Centre, Stanford University, Senior Scientist and Director of Life Science Alliance, EMBL
  • Sigrid Reinsch and Rebecca Heald - Remembrance of Suzanne Eaton

The Next Frontier of Tissue Biology

  • Chair: Manfred Auer, Department Head, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    (EMBL Heidelberg, Predoc, 1993-1997)
  • James Sharpe, Head of EMBL Barcelona and Senior Scientist
  • Rebecca Heald, Professor, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley
    (EMBL Heidelberg, Postdoc, 1993-1997)
  • Katja Brückner, Associate Professor, Department of Cell and Tissue Biology, University of California, San Francisco
    (EMBL Heidelberg, Predoc, 1994-2000)
12:15-13:30 Lunch and Networking with sponsors

From Bench to Start-Up: The European and US Experience

  • Chair: Jürgen Bauer, Deputy Managing Director, EMBLEM, Heidelberg
  • Fay Christodoulou, Founder and CSO, Miroculus, San Francisco
    (EMBL Heidelberg, Predoc, 2005-2010)
  • Lars Steinmetz, Founder, Sophia Genetics, Miroculus
  • Oliver Hanisch, CEO, Campus Founders gGmbH, Heilbronn
  • Patrick Baeuerle, Executive Partner, MPM Capital, Cambridge
    (EMBL Heidelberg, Predoc, 1986-1987 and 2019 Lennart Philipson Award recipient)
  • Gitte Neubauer, Founder and CEO, Cellzome-GSK, Heidelberg
    (EMBL Heidelberg, Predoc, 1994-2000)
  • Will F. Mueller, Director of Discovery and Integration, Grace Science, LLC
    (EMBL Heidelberg, Postdoc, 2013-2018)
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break and Networking

Democratisation of Data: What's Next?

  • Chair: Sigrid Reinsch, Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field
    (EMBL Heidelberg, Postdoc, 1992-1998)
  • Nils Gehlenborg, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School, Boston
    (EMBL-EBI, Predoc, 2006-2010 and 2018 John Kendrew Award recipient)
  • Gill Bejerano, Associate Professor, Biomedical Data Science, Stanford University
  • Marc Salit, Director, Joint Initiative for Metrology in Biology, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
16:45-18:00 Drinks Reception
18:00-21:00 Buffet Dinner
9 Nov 2019
09:00-09:30 Morning Coffee

From Atoms to Biological Processes: Collaboration Across Borders

  • Chair: Alasdair McDowall, Emeritus Professor, HHMI/California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
    (EMBL Heidelberg, Research Assistant, 1978-1987)
  • Georgios Skiniotis, Professor, Structural Biology and Molecular & Cellular Physiology, Stanford University
    (EMBL Heidelberg, Predoc, 1999-2003)
  • Navtej Toor, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego
  • Matthias Wilmanns, Head of EMBL Hamburg and Senior Scientist
  • Alasdair McDowall, Emeritus Professor, HHMI/California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break and Networking

Fighting Rare and Common Diseases

  • Chair: Fay Christodoulou, Founder and CSO, Miroculus, San Francisco
  • Alex Franzusoff, CEO, PACT Pharma, San Francisco
    (EMBL Heidelberg, Postdoc, 1984-1985)
  • Nevan Krogan, Director, Quantitative Biosciences Institute-University of California San Francisco and Senior Investigator,
    Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco
  • Charles Chiu, Professor, Laboratory Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

EMBL Alumni Relations and Closing Remarks

  • Peter Papagiannis, Alumni Volunteer Officer, EMBL Heidelberg
  • Mark Dollhopf, President, Dollhopf Associates, New Haven
13:00-14:30 Lunch and Networking

About EMBL

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