EMBL in the USA: Weekend Symposium
Friday to Sunday 3-5 November 2017
Beauport Hotel, Gloucester, Massachusetts


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Nearly 60 current and former EMBL life scientists, industry leaders and students gathered in Gloucester, Massachusetts for a weekend symposium to share their research, and discuss life science topics and opportunities in the USA and at EMBL. Co-organised by Marina Ramirez-Alvarado, Professor at the Mayo Clinic and Alan Sawyer, Associate Director at The Jackson Laboratory, the meeting offered a platform to share and celebrate the research and achievements of EMBL alumni in the USA. It was also an excellent networking opportunity, attracting EMBL's community of international life science leaders from America's outstanding universities and pharma companies. The event took place at the Beauport Hotel, situated on the historic Gloucester waterfront with sweeping views of Gloucester Harbour and the Atlantic Ocean. This was the first dedicated EMBL alumni event in the USA and planning has begun for the next "EMBL in the USA" in California in 2019.


Matthew Hayward, EMBL Alumnus, Research Fellow at Ragon Institute

"I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to tell you that the alumni event yesterday was fantastic! The atmosphere was inspiring, interesting and incredibly funny. You really assembled an awesome bunch of speakers. The food was also outstanding. I made a stack of contacts, have a bunch of new ideas and approaches and a much more positive view of industrial science. If you plan to hold one again next year I will be sure to attend. I would also be keen to get involved. Thanks for organising such an epic event."


Mirna Marinic, EMBL Alumna, Postdoc at the University of Chicago

“The best part was the overall spirit of the meeting. It was amazing to witness how all of us, no matter the decade we were at EMBL, have the same feeling for it. It is truly our mother ship and scientific home. And the fact that it was only 57 of us certainly helped to create this intimate atmosphere. The good feeling continued for the whole week after the meeting and even now as I write this.  Five years ago, when I gave my graduation ceremony talk, I talked about the importance of EMBL community, even if I wasn't fully aware of what would that mean in the future. I was pleasantly surprised to see how all those things I said then indeed hold true. Coming to EMBL events will always be like coming home.”


Esta Sterneck, EMBL Alumna, Principal Investigator at the National Cancer Institute

"I can say that as a result of this meeting, I have invited and nominated three alumni colleagues to give seminars at my institute."

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Did you know?

EMBL has 569 alumni in the USA of which 156 are American. 403 alumni work in academia, 88 work in industry and 78 work in other sectors. Cities attracting most alumni are New York (42), Boston (34), San Francisco (27), Cambridge (24) and Berkeley (13).

Want to get involved?

If you are interested in organising alumni events in your country, or would like to get involved in other ways, please contact the Alumni Relations team.