Matti Saraste

The EMBL Alumni Association would like to thank all staff and alumni who generously donated to the Matti Saraste Fund. Matti, who was a Group Leader and Head of Unit for EMBL's Structural and Computational Biology Unit (1990-2001), died in 2001. To commemorate him, and in recognition of his commitment both to science and to EMBL, the Matti Saraste Fellowship Fund was established.



The aim of the fund, which was administered by the EMBL Alumni Association, had originally been to support a student in the EMBL International PhD Programme. While a substantial sum of money was donated, the total was far short of what was required.

Alumni board members, in consultation with Matti's family, gave careful thought to how best to use the money and voted in favour of a dedicated Matti Saraste memorial in the grounds of the EMBL ATC building, as dispayed in the photo gallery.