EMBL Alumni Fund

The EMBL Alumni Association activities are supported by the EMBL Alumni Fund as listed in the Association’s statutes under §2.2: “Purpose of the Association”:

-Establishment and maintenance of a network between EMBL staff and alumni,
-Organisation of meetings,
-Promotion of scientific publications,
-Promotion of young scientists,
-Support to EMBL alumni and staff members with their future careers,
-Collection of donations for these purposes.

These activities rely first and foremost on the ideas, feedback and time of EMBL alumni, and we wish to thank the countless individuals as well as current and former Association board members and local chapter organisers who have invested much time and effort in the success of the Association’s operation.

Nevertheless, costs are incurred with these activities and events. EMBL supports the Association in covering the costs of the two annual board meetings, as well as the infrastructure for the Alumni Relations programme (this includes the Alumni Relations Office, staff, material and travel costs).

Other alumni activities and initiatives are generously funded by individuals, companies and the alumni community as listed below. Thank you to all who have contributed.

Alumni activities open to contribution


EMBL Alumni Local Chapter Meetings are organised in the EMBL member and associate members states. Their purpose is to strengthen the alumni communities for the benefit of alumni as well as the science community in any one country. EMBLEM, the wholly-owned commercial technology transfer arm of the Institute, makes an annual donation of €2,500 which is divided between local chapter events in any one year. The Alumni Association is currently looking for additional contributions.

Alumni initiatives already funded


The John Kendrew Award honours former EMBL pre- and postdocs who have proven excellence in science and/or science communication 2-7 years after leaving EMBL. It has been funded by Roland Specker since 2011. Past donors.

The Lennart Philipson Award honours all scientists who have proven outstanding and validated contributions in translational research in human health and/or technology innovation in the life sciences. It is funded by EMBLEM.

The Matti Saraste Courtyard was built to commemorate Matti Saraste, and to recognise his commitment both to science and to EMBL. Matti was an EMBL Group Leader and Head of Unit for EMBL's Structural and Computational Biology Unit. He died in 2001. The Memorial Courtyard was funded by donations from EMBL staff and alumni with an amount of €45,000.


The Swedish Postdoctoral Fellowship was awarded for a 3-year period to Swedish scientist, Johan Ledin, to come to EMBL from 2004-2007, thanks to the efforts of EMBL’s second Director General, Lennart Philipson. The Fellowship was initiated and administered by the Alumni Association, and serves as a model for similar fellowships in future. It was funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

Thank you

Thank you to all EMBL alumni, staff, institutes and companies who have supported EMBL's Alumni Association in priceless ways since its foundation in 1999. The donors list shows all who have made a financial contribution to the EMBL Alumni Fund.