1st German Local Chapter Meeting in Heidelberg


EMBL alumni in Germany, from former predocs to Unit Coordinators, met in Heidelberg during the Summer Party on 14 July to discuss their science and career paths after leaving EMBL. This, the first German Local Chapter Meeting, provided staff and alumni the opportunity to share tips on life after EMBL and find out about potential collaborations.

The meeting, which began with a welcome by Iain Mattaj, was a great success, with stimulating talks by Christoph Niehrs, Gaia Tavosanis, Marek Cyrklaff and Ralf Jansen, a colourful EMBL update by Matthias Hentze and a creative discussion on what should be offered at future meetings, led by Claudia Koch-Brandt and Freddy Frischknecht.

One issue which emerged was the unanimous wish to involve more EMBL staff who would benefit from an awareness of the science undertaken by EMBL alumni in Germany and the issues they encounter after leaving. To this end, a popular suggestion was to hold these meetings during working hours, or in the winter to coincide with the EMBL Burns' Night party. Finally, the event was rounded off nicely with one of Claus Himburg's famous giant strawberry cakes!

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