Alumni Day at the EBI - Programme
Time Speaker Topic
9:00 Iain Mattaj

Welcoming Remarks

9:15 Chris Sander

A global perspective on bioinformatics

9:45 Graham Cameron

25 years of biological databases: a historical perspective on the EBI

10:15 Janet Thornton

Where is the EBI now and what are our plans for the future?


Coffee Break

11:15 Ewan Birney

Understanding our genome

11:45 Nicolas Le Novère

Integrators, loops and switches. The mechanic of learning

12:15 - 13:30  

Lunch and posters
Tours of the new building in small groups

13:30 Angus Lamond

The Alumni Association

13:45 Des Higgins

Everything you ever wanted to know about multiple alignments but were too shy to ask

14:15 Anton Enright

Network based clustering and analysis of the Mouse Transcriptome

14:45 Liisa Holm

Superalignment of all protein sequences



15:45 Tom Flores

Translating from EBI to Industry

16:15 Angus Lamond and Annalisa Pastore

Discussion on making the most of the alumni network

16:45 Janet Thornton

Closing Remarks


Drinks and nibbles