Dilofo hotel for local chapter guests.


Alumni participants of the
fourth local chapter meeting
in Greece with their
family and lab members.

Fifteen EMBL alumni working in Greece gathered for their fourth annual meeting in the picturesque villages of Aspraggeloi and Dilofo on 26-27 June 2010. Along with 13 family members and ten postdocs from their research groups, the alumni enjoyed a sunny weekend discussing life and science in Greece.

Amongst the decisions tabled was an agreement to hold an annual scientific meeting parallel to the alumni gathering, with talks from well known scientists. Provisionally called “Dilofo Days”, this meeting would be open to all scientists involved in biology research and would aim to inspire young scientists. Alumni decided to approach the nearby University of Ioannina for funding.

A senior advisor for the teaching of science in Greek schools attended the meeting and provoked a lively discussion about the quality of biology textbooks and how biology is taught in schools. The meeting participants committed to reviewing textbooks with an eye to improving them. 

Participants agreed to contact officials from the General Secretariat of Research and Technology in order to discuss with them the possibility of funding postdoctoral fellowships at EMBL of Greek young scientists (similar to the one offered by Spain), and for Greece to participate in EMBO Installation Grants.

 On Sunday alumni visited nearby Monodendri and walked to a site of an old monastery overviewing Vikos Gorge.

The next local chapter meeting in Greece is planned for June 2011 in Difolo together with the first “Dilofo days” meeting.

Alumni Participants
Anastasia Politou
Andreas Girod
Athina Pyrpasopoulou
Efrosyni Paraskeva
George Simos
Georgia Braliou
Haralabia Boleti
Maria Koffa
Raphael Sandaltzopoulos
Savvas Christoforidis
Spyros Georgatos
Thomais Papamarcaki
Zoi Lygerou

and affiliated members

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