Graham Warren and Maria Leptin

Giulio Superti-Furga, Scientific Director and CEO of CeMM and EMBL Alumni Association Board Chair.

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It was sunshine and blue skies for the 50 EMBL and EMBO former and current staff who gathered to enjoy each other’s company, a skyline view of Vienna and wine and cheese on the CeMM (Research Center for Molecular Medicine) rooftop terrace.

The get-together, referred to as ‘a-CeMMBL’, after its venue and participants, was generously hosted by Giulio Superti-Furga, Scientific Director and CEO of CeMM, to coincide with the end of The EMBO Meeting.

Giulio, EMBO member and former EMBL Developmental Biology team leader, was delighted with the turn out of current and former EMBL and EMBO staff. Guests included EMBO Director Maria Leptin, who remarked: "We really value the interaction with EMBL alumni, and look forward to this event becoming a tradition. Giulio, quite apart from being fun, and an excellent host, is such a valuable and loyal partner for us here at EMBO." Other EMBO attendees included  Deputy Director (and EMBL alumna) Gerlind Wallon, and Head of Public Relations and Communications Suzanne Beveridge. They were joined by legendary EMBL alumnus, Graham Warren (Cell Biology Joint Head, 1977–1985), who said afterwards: “It really felt like a family occasion, though being an EMBL great-grandfather was a mixed blessing.”

It was also a great opportunity for EMBL alumni based in Austria to meet one another, and where better than Austria’s largest medical research complex located at the campus of the Medical University (MUV) and the Vienna General Hospital (AKH). Here, CeMM functions as a bidirectional channel between basic research and clinical applications.

With no programme other than to create-and-sport-your-own large and colourful name badge, the get-together offered participants a refreshing opportunity to have fun with familiar and new faces in the EMBL/EMBO community.

The EMBO Meeting 2012 will be held 22–25 September in Nice. The EMBL Alumni Office will work again with the organisers to offer a similar get-together with the help of the French local chapter.


  • France Audrey-Peltier
  • Suzanne Beveridge
  • Marco Bianchi
  • Julius Brennecke
  • Natascha Bushati
  • Martin Cairns
  • Georg Casari
  • Rita Casari
  • Iain Davidson
  • Matthias Ehebauer
  • Manolis Fanto
  • Dagmar Flecker
  • Friedrich Frischknecht
  • Anneke Funk
  • Hans-Hermann Gerdes
  • Harald Haymerle
  • Valerie Hilgers
  • Manfred Koegl
  • Carolin Kosiol
  • Bodo Lange
  • Ioannis Legouras
  • Maria Leptin
  • Rune Linding
  • Patrick Meidl
  • Marta Miaczynska
  • Aspasia Ploubidou
  • Rosa Paoliceli
  • Sarada Raghavan
  • Mehrnoosh Rayner
  • Giulio Superti-Furga
  • Britta Schlaeger
  • Fritz Sedlazeck + one
  • Jana Tatur
  • Graham Warren
  • Gerlind Wallon
  • Katharina Willmann
  • Gerlich Daniel Wolfram
  • Sevil Yavuz
  • Marino Zerial