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EMBL alumni in Greece met for their 6th annual weekend meeting on 30th June - 1st July in Dilofo, Ioannina to exchange latest research, hear about EMBL infrastructure access projects such as P-CUBE and BioStruct-X from EMBL Joint Head of Structural and Computational Biology Unit Christoph Müller, and to discuss how to reinforce relations between life scientists in Greece and EMBL.

In considering "measurable" ways in which EMBL could contribute to the recovery and development of Greek science, participants suggested for EMBL to:

  • Organize scientific conferences or meetings in Greece, open to scientists working in Greek research institutes to facilitate collaborations between EMBL and the Greek scientists.
  • Participants taking part in EMBL Conferences and Courses to be eligible for travel grants (they already are).
  • Provide good access to the EMBL Core Facilities.
  • Encourage short-term trainingships for young scientists to visit and work at EMBL for a limited amount of time.

Through the Alumni Relations Office, EMBL will look into ways of organising an EMBL event in Greece, open also to scientists outside the alumni network. It was agreed that the materialisation of any of these suggestions should be advertised by EMBL, the Greek local chapter and the scientific associations in Greece.

Greek alumni would like to thank EMBL and the EMBL Alumni Association for supporting this meeting.

Anastasia Politou

EMBL alumni participants

  • Anastasia Politou
  • Athena Pyrpassopoulou
  • Christos Ouzounis
  • Fay Christodoulou
  • Frosso Paraskeva
  • George Simos
  • Panos Kouklis
  • Piyi Papadaki
  • Savvas Christoforidis
  • Spyros Georgatos
  • Theodore Fotsis (Affiliated member: Carol Murphy's husband)
  • Thomais Papamarcaki
  • Yiannis Giannios
  • Zoe Lygerou

Guest participants

  • Christoph Müller
  • 12 members of alumni labs (Diploma as well as PhD students and postocs)
  • 6 alumni children