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Mannheimer-morgen article on the event

An EMBL Team of 22 runners explored the Heidelberg Neuenheimer Feld area on Friday 20th July in the NCT run against cancer. The event which was organised by Jörg Fleckenstein, EMBL's former Senior Resource Development Manager, now NCT Director of Development proved very successful with a turn out of over 600 runners, raising over €20,000 in total. The EMBL Team surpassed their target of €500, raising a total €755 in donations, and won the category "most rounds completed by any team" (total rounds completed by the 600 participants was 2100).

The event was really enjoyable: The short track of 2,3km meant that you kept overtaking or being overtaken by your colleagues, so plenty of opportunity to share a few words and a laugh during and after the run. The run itself was very relaxed, leaving it to the participants to take it in their pace and do as much as they can. There was music, food and drinks, and plenty of opportunity to meet the other team members from all corners of EMBL.

Thank you all for your donations and support!

The EMBL Team included:

  • Sanjita Banerjee
  • Benedikt Beckmann
  • Andrea Boni
  • Dunja Ferring-Appel
  • Matija Grgurinovic
  • Adam Gristwood
  • Michael Hansen
  • Patricia Horosova
  • Rastislav Horos
  • Daniel Lakatos
  • Renjith Mathew
  • Sonja Noss
  • Mehrnoosh Rayner
  • Lena Reunis & daughter Mina Roberts-Baldwin
  • Silvia Rohr
  • Birgit Schuster
  • Brenda Stride
  • Christian Tischer
  • Astrid von Soosten
  • Maia Segura Wang
  • Thomas Zichner

Other supporters who didn't make it to the run include:

  • Sally Boehm
  • Jacqueline Dreyer
  • Joe Lewis
  • Sylvia Schattschneider
  • Shotaro Otsuka
  • Tobias Rausch