Oscar Martin-Almendral

Oscar Martin-Almendral

Annabel Goulding

Annabel Goulding

Election results

We are delighted to share with you the outcome of the online election for EMBL Alumni Association Treasurer which took place between 14th-28th February.

500 alumni members voted with a 99.1% majority vote for Annabel Goulding. Thank you to the voters, and also a big heartfelt thanks to the incumbent Treasurer, Oscar Martin-Almendral who stepped down due to professional and private commitments after five years service.

About Annabel Goulding

Annabel joined EMBL as an internal auditor in 2002 and left as the Head of the Pay and Benefits section in human resources in 2011, also serving as interim Head of HR for a year during this time. She says: “I am interested in the work of the EMBL Alumni Association – finance is not a popular discipline for everyone, so this niche gives me an opportunity to make a contribution. I anticipate some interesting discussions about what the Association can do to benefit the alumni community as ambassadors for EMBL, and some challenging questions from the board about the management of its financial affairs.”

Now Treasurer to the Meridian Society – a charity for the promotion of Chinese culture in the UK – and Company Secretary to Tangent Films Ltd – specialising in arts and science documentaries – Annabel handles financial transactions, prepares cost budgets, accounts and annual reports, making her very suitably qualified for this position.

 “Keep it simple,” Annabel reveals when asked for some housekeeping tips: “Don’t complicate your finances, and don’t fret about what else you could have done with your EMBL earnings.” 

About Oscar Martin-Almendral

Most will remember Oscar for his compassion, integrity and dedication to his work at the General Service and Budget Office between 1995 and 2005. Three years after leaving EMBL, Oscar agreed to return as EAA Treasurer “to give something back to EMBL,” he says. Now, due to increasing responsibilities as Budget Officer to the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics (KIP) in Heidelberg, as well as several ongoing personal projects, Oscar has decided to step down at the end of February 2013.

EMBL and the Alumni Association board are grateful for his support over the past five years, and for helping to find a suitable candidate as successor: alumna Annabel Goulding.