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Last year's EMBL Team

The EMBL Team won in completing the most rounds (104 in total) at the NCT run against cancer organised on Friday 12th July by EMBL alumnus and NCT Head of strategic development, Jörg Fleckenstein.
The prize was a free place including training sessions at the NCT event "Rudern gegen Krebs" on 8th September in Heidelberg (worth €300 in registration fee).

Additionally, the EMBL Team raised €757 (€653 in donations).
With a total donations of €28,373, the NCT was just shy of reaching its target of €30,000, but the organisers are confident that they can still raise the difference.

Thank you for your donations and support!

The EMBL Team included:

  • Andrea Boni

  • Marta Lanseros Caballero

  • Vladimir Benes

  • Antonio Costantino

  • Jacqueline Dreyer

  • Matija Grgurinovic

  • Michael Hansen

  • Igor Jukic

  • Daniel Lakatos

  • Balca Mardin

  • Mehrnoosh Rayner

  • Carolina Garcia Sabate

  • Sylvia Schattschneider

  • Birgit Schuster

  • Jelena Tica

  • Nicola Vegiopoulos
  • Hernando Martinez Vergara

  • Astrid von Soosten

  • Maia Segura Wang

  • Patrick Xie

  • Diah Yulianti

  • Elisabeth Zielonka