Now: IT Director, Mervi Lampinen, Eenrum
Was: EMBL Technical Team Leader, 1994-1998, IT Services, Core Facilities and Scientific Services

What are you doing in the Netherlands?
I’ve been working in multiple international companies in senior IT and E-commerce positions, having gone through 8 re-organisational changes and lost my boss 4 times within 2 months after joining - so getting things done has been quite a challenge. Being a female leader in a very male oriented area (IT) has been an added challenge. Currently I work ad interim for international companies, helping them form their digital identity both from a business and IT perspective.

What's life and work like in the Netherlands?
In the Dutch language ‘’ja maar’’ (yes but) means NO. Also, working fulltime as a women is regarded as a peculiarity.

What did you gain from your time at EMBL, and continue to appreciate?
The people at EMBL taught me a passion for food and life in general. Although I was there for a relatively short time, I still feel welcome in most parts of the world, with alumni located in every corner.