L-R Back row: Neil O´Connor, Laura. O´Donovan, Dave Eustace, Joe Tugwell.
L-R Front row: Julie Claire Rogers, Alison O´Shea, Patrick Xie.


L-R seated: Kellie Dean, Patrick Xie, Alison O'Shea.
L-R standing: Paul Young, Paul O'Callaghan, Ciaran Behan.

Since 2009, Ciaran Behan, EMBL Senior Technology Development Specialist, has established and maintained an annual intake of engineering interns from University College Cork (UCC) for the Core Facilities. He returned to UCC on 22 October to interview the next batch of top engineering and computer science students, and to host a small gathering of new intern alumni.

“I’m delighted to see this gain traction,” says Ciaran, “Considering that UCC is a partner university, and that the international experience gained at EMBL can be a great career-enhancing opportunity.”

“It is clear that returning alumni are doing a great job communicating the benefits of internships at EMBL,” Ciaran adds.
“Fueled by their enthusiasm and grass roots marketing, we again received applications from top tier students this year and filled all three intern positions for 2014.”

Next year’s interns will be hosted by the Merten Group, the Genome Biology Computational Support group and IT Services. The future looks good, too, as UCC faculty and staff as well as EMBL alumni there are interested in developing further the connections between the institutes.

Already seven enthusiastic alumni have been released back into the wild, and at the mini alumni gathering after the interviews, fond memories of EMBL poured out and settled like those perfect pints at The Oval Bar in the heart of Cork city.