Lennart Philipson

EMBL and the Alumni Association board would like to thank EMBLEM – EMBL’s commercial arm – for sponsoring a new award that commemorates EMBL’s second Director General, Lennart Philipson.

The Lennart Philipson Award confers a cash prize of €5,000, is open to all alumni, and recognises translational research in human health and technology innovation. “I wanted to honour Lennart, of whom I have fond memories from my PhD days in the late 1980s,” says Gábor Lamm, Managing Director of EMBLEM. “We also wanted the award to have some correlation to our activities.” Invitation for  nominations and/or applications will be circulated in 2014, so that the award can be presented in 2015.

“It’s a great honour that EMBL remembers one of its former Director Generals in this way. Lennart had challenging, interesting and fun years at EMBL, and he gave it what he had to give,” wrote Lennart’s wife, Malin Philipson, in response to this news.


John Kendrew

More good news on the awards front came with the increase of the John Kendrew Award cash prize to  €5,000 effective 2014. “It’s a pleasure to help this award gain prestige and recognition, and it has been rewarding to listen to the very deserving recipients at the ceremonies in the last years,” says Roland Specker, the John Kendrew Award sponsor.