Giulio Superti-Furga, Matthias Hentze

Stay connected

Last year, the Alumni Relations Office set a target to increase known whereabouts of EMBL alumni to 65%. Thanks to hardworking interns, more than 500 have been found, bringing the total to almost 4,000 of EMBL’s 6,000 alumni – only 2% off target.

A new campaign launched this month stemmed from this success: ‘Stay connected with EMBL!’ invites newly found non-members to join the EAA. With this, the aim is to reach another target set last year, namely to increase EAA membership to 50%. So far, 359 new members brings membership to 43% – the goal is within sight!

Help us reach this goal by sending an e-mail with the text: "I would like to join" (only if you're unsure whether you are a member). We will send you a link to your pre-filled registration form to review, complete and submit online.