Iain Mattaj, EMBL Director General, playing squash, Heidelberg, 2 May 2014

Matthias Hentze, Heidelberg Half Marathon, 6 April 2014


Brenda Stride (left) helps Mehrnoosh Rayner with shirt inventory, Heidelberg, 4 April 2014

Navy and Blue EMBL 40th Anniversary shirts

EMBL 40 years running shirts - navy and blue

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Over 500 EMBL alumni and staff participated in more than 100 events in 29 countries wearing EMBL sport shirts

Complimentay running shirts: Vom Leben lernen
During EMBL's 40th Anniversary year we want to take the EMBL message "Vom Leben lernen" ('Learning from Life') into our communities. It is therefore with great pleasure that we're offering EMBL staff and alumni complimentary EMBL 40 year running shirts made for 2014 marathons, triathlons and similar events. The public engagement campaign message "Vom Leben lernen" is a pilot project conducted in Germany, which is why it is in German. However, we are happy to offer it to active EMBL athletes worldwide.

Your photo
In return we ask for a photo of the recipient at the sporting venue wearing the shirt in action, and clearly showing the EMBL logo or message on the back. We will create a photo gallery on these pages with your photos, as well as links to newspaper articles capturing photos of the EMBL runners in their shirts, so be sure to send us these too.

Sport shirt specification
The EMBL 40 year running shirt is breathable and quick-drying. It will be available as of 2 April in navy blue (for men and women), white (for men and women) and blue (for women) in the sizes small, medium, large and XL.
We will send one to you on completion of our short online registration form.

For the EMBL 40th Anniversary Reunion we printed cotton shirts for all volunteer helpers in the same design as the sports shirts. These proved extremely popular and can also be acquired from the Alumni Relations Office. Contact: Fenia Fotiadou.

How to purchase shirts if you don't qualify for complimentary ones
Additional shirts for yourself or co-runners can be ordered with a €15 donation per shirt via our Worldpay online payment link - please select "Alumni Association" from the dropdown menu: "Designation".  Additionally, you will have to provide details of the shirt(s) you'd like to purchase via the above mentioned online registration form.

Examples of events
Matthias Hentze will be wearing his shirt at the Heidelberg Half-marathon on 6 April and Berlin Marathon on 28 September 2014, where EMBL has a large staff and alumni participation rate. We have listed other events with large numbers of EMBL participants below, and look forward to hearing more from you about your events.