Magazine cover: "EMBL 40 years"


Giulio Superti-Furga, Mehrnoosh Rayner


Giulio Superti-Furga, Matthias Hentze

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This magazine is a birthday gift from the EMBL Alumni Association to EMBL. It contains 40 pages for 40 years with contributions from staff and alumni for the whole EMBL community.

Its purpose is to celebrate EMBL’s 40th Anniversary by documenting why and how EMBL has been and continues to be relevant in the life sciences. The magazine cannot and does not try to be comprehensive, especially in capturing the contribution of individuals and groups. This is not possible in 40 pages. It does, however, touch upon EMBL’s core missions in the selection of articles. We are particularly delighted that it includes the voices of alumni from the last four decades, EMBL administration and support services and EMBL leadership from all sites today.

We hope it inspires you to contact us with your stories, documents and photographs. All your contributions will support the building of an EMBL
Archive, briefly mentioned in this magazine and our most ambitious community project to date. Longer versions of these articles are available on the EMBL alumni pages: www.embl.org/alumni/your_stories

In German “Geschichte” means both story and history. We thank all of you for sharing directly or indirectly your stories, EMBL’s history, with us in this issue.

Wishing EMBL and the community who helped build it a Happy 40th Anniversary!

Matthias, Giulio and Mehrnoosh