Stefan Hell

EMBL is delighted that one of its alumni, Stefan Hell, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry today for his pioneering work in high resolution light microscopy.

Stefan was a postdoc at EMBL in Heidelberg from 1991 to 1993, and already pursued his interests in microscopy development during his time here. As an institute that is a leader in light microscopy development, we greatly appreciate the importance of Stefan's scientific breakthroughs and their impact on the scientific community. This most deserved award will provide an important boost to the further development of the field of bioimaging - something that is very close to EMBL's heart.

We congratulate Stefan and the Max-Planck Society, which provided him with the fertile ground on which he could develop his groundbreaking work. We are also happy for our neighbors from the DKFZ, at which Stefan leads a group. And we of course extend our hearty congratulations also to the other two joint-winners, Eric Betzig and William E. Moerner.

Press release from the official nobel prize website