DSCN5725_sIrmi Sinning with Nicolas Le Novere

DSCN5728_sNicolas Le Novere, Genevieve Almouzni and Asifa Akhtar

DSCN5707_sEwan Birney with Matthias Hentze

The EMBO Meeting

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EMBL and EMBO staff and alumni had the opportunity to catch up over drinks and to exchange information, reconnect with former colleagues and make new contacts at The EMBO Meeting on 7 September. The drinks reception was followed by dinner at Cielo's restaurant in the lively district of Birmingham's Brindley Place. "Holding this reception at The EMBO Meeting (and its predecessor the ELSO Meeting) has been a priority for us since 2005, benefitting from an event that generally attracts the EMBL/EMBO community at large," says Matthias Hentze, EMBL Director.

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Interview with Mark Marsh
Now: Director - MRC - Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, University College London
EMBL: Postdoc, Simons Group, Cell Biology and Biophysics, 1979-1982


Interview with Genevieve Almouzni
Now: Director of the Research Center, Institut Curie, Paris, and
CNRS Research Director, Chromatin Dynamics Team
EMBL: SAC member, 2005-2010


Interview with Nicolas Le Novère
Now: Group Leader, Babraham Institute, Cambridge.
EMBL-EBI: Group Leader, 2003-2012