EMBL in Spain
CRG, Barcelona, 5 October 2016

Participants of the "EMBL in Spain" event.

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Registered participants

The EMBL in Spain event, co-hosted by the CRG on the event of the launch of their Alumni Programme, attracted 80 participants including 50 non-EMBLers. These meetings are growing larger as alumni bring their networks to introduce to other alumni and to EMBL. "For every one who's been at EMBL, it changes your life. So you take a piece of it and copy it," announced EMBL alumnus and CRG Director, Luis Serrano, during his welcome to the participants.

The talks offered the opportunity to discuss plans for an EMBL site in Barcelona, which EMBL's Council delegate Angela Nieto announced as "very important for Spain, Europe and EMBL."


EMBL alumna Maria Vivanco summarises some of the science presented by alumni at the meeting:

  • "Almendral illustrated with a beautiful Il Bosco painting what he took from EMBL and how he used it to learn about ssDNA viruses that preferentially infect cancer cells.
  • Cayetano Gonzalez discussed his findings on the identification of mutations that drive malignancy, using flies as tools to study cancer.
  • Lola Ledesma presented her research on genetic alterations of lipid metabolism using mouse models for brain disease and aging.
  • Juan Martinéz Morales focused on eye morphogenesis and his group´s efforts to demonstrate in a quantitative manner basal constriction in the retina."

Cornelius Gross

"EMBL is very committed to supporting its alumni. They are one of the best outputs for the member states."
Cornelius Gross, Deputy Head, EMBL Monterotondo


Isabelle Vernós

"Networking is one of the best opportunities that EMBL provides people. The possibility to stay connected after you leave is so important."
Isabelle Vernós, Group Leader, CRG; Coordinator LIBRA
Former EMBL Staff Scientist


Angela Nieto

"These meetings are very useful. EMBL and EMBO are well-known for networking so well. Thank you for making the effort to organise this and keep on doing so!"
Angela Nieto, Principal Investigator,  CSIC
Spanish Scientific Delegate, EMBL-EMBC


Did you know?
EMBL has 220 alumni in Spain of which 169 are Spanish. 178 work in academia and 5 in industry. Cities attracting most alumni are Barcelona (73), Madrid (53) and Seville (11).