Measuring Alumni Impact

In early 2015, we designed a survey to measure EMBL's impact through the activities, achievements and successes of our alumni - from their perspective. We were interested to know how many alumni are:

  • furthering life sciences worldwide through collaborative scientific networks, activities and inventions linked to EMBL,
  • delivering successful outcomes using EMBL facilities and services,
  • contributing to life sciences training and education through EMBL courses and conferences and EMBL-inspired science communication exporting aspects of EMBL’s organisational model,
  • exporting aspects of EMBL's organisational model,
  • serving as ambassadors for EMBL.

As this report reveals, the survey responses provide compelling evidence of the global impact of alumni and their role in EMBL’s ongoing success. The data show that alumni are highly active and successful as a result of the training, facilities and networks available to them during and after their time at EMBL.

Their feedback also reveals why alumni are keen to retain their connection to EMBL and how they contribute to its successes. It has helped us understand the needs of alumni and how best to support them in their post-EMBL careers.

In response to the valuable feedback from alumni, EMBL has introduced:

  • a contact management system, which will help EMBL and its alumni better engage with one another.
  • a new position for a Volunteer Officer in the Alumni Relations team to work with colleagues across the institution in engaging EMBL’s >7100 alumni.
  • inaugural alumni events in Australia and the USA in 2017, organised in response to feedback that EMBL is not sufficiently known in these countries.
  • events for groups who have felt excluded from alumni activities: an annual pensioners’ meeting was launched in 2016, and an inaugural event for alumni in industry will take place in 2019.
  • a brochure on EMBL resources for alumni.

We look forward to building on these important initiatives.

We are grateful to the EMBL alumni who completed the survey and to all EMBL alumni for their support. Your feedback helps us offer a relevant and meaningful programme and is always welcome and appreciated.

Read the Alumni Impact Report 2017

Download the Alumni Impact Report 2017