EMBL World Alumni Day 2019


Friday 19 July 2019 (EMBL Lab Day)
17:30 - 18:30 hrs (CET)
Live-streamed globally
EMBL ATC Heidelberg

Watch a recording of the event

EMBL alumni and staff worldwide are invited to join us for EMBL World Alumni Day on Friday 19 July 2019, 17:30-18:30 hrs (CET).

This global event will connect EMBL with its alumni community worldwide via live stream. It is also open to all members of the community who are in Heidelberg at the time to join the speakers, performers and audience at the Klaus Tschira Auditorium at EMBL Heidelberg in person.

The occasion will begin with EMBL's new Director General, Edith Heard, introducing herself to EMBL's global community and addressing the role of alumni in EMBL's future plans.

This will be followed by a virtual trip around the world to connect with the alumni community, hear their unique perspectives from the field, and gather their inspiring messages and wishes for EMBL.

The hour will be sprinkled with live guests and performances on this special year - the 20th anniversary of the EMBL Alumni Association - don't miss it!

Register on the above link to: 

  • Watch it live and share your questions on EMBL’s mediasite
    We will send you a URL on which you can watch the event and post your questions and views.
  • Post selfies and share your wishes on Twitter and Instagram
    Celebrate EMBL World Alumni Day by posting on Twitter or Instagram. Take a selfie with your postcard, and in your post answer:

    Where has your career taken you? #EMBLalumni
    (We encourage you to use flag emojis to illustrate your post.)

    You may wish to participate further by answering:
    What does EMBL mean to you? #EMBLalumni (This would work well as a second tweet on Twitter, and as a longer post on Instagram.)

    EMBL Twitter - @EMBL
    EMBL Instagram - @EMBL_ORG 
  • Join or host a viewing party at your office / lab / institute / home
    We encourage alumni to watch the live stream together. If you’d like to host it at your office, lab or institute or join others who are hosting it, please contact Peter Papagiannis, alumni@embl.org, to learn more. There are so far three confirmed viewing parties in the following cities:

    Oreias, Portugal - Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia
    Belvaux, Luxembourg - Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
    Vienna, Austria - Ce-M-M Research Centre for Molecular Medecine

    To register for one of these viewing parties in your area, please click here.

 Programme for multiple events on the same day at EMBL Heidelberg / online (CET):

EMBL Alumni Awards Ceremony EMBL HD 16:00-17:30 hrs
EMBL World Alumni Day Online / EMBL HD 17:30-18:30 hrs
EMBL Lab Day drinks & poster session EMBL HD 18:30-19:30 hrs
EMBL Lab Day dinner & party (open only to EMBL staff and alumni) EMBL HD 19:30 hrs onwards

More details below:

16:00-17:30 hrs (CET) Alumni Awards Ceremony EMBL Heidelberg
  • Welcome, Gareth Griffiths (master of ceremonies)
  • John Kendrew Award, Tanmay Bharat (recipient), John Briggs (presenter)
  • Lennart Philipson Award, Patrick Baeuerle (recipient), Christof Niehrs (presenter)
17:30-18:30 hrs (CET) EMBL World Alumni Day Live stream & EMBL Heidelberg
  • Performance, Pat Appleton
  • Welcome, Angus Lamond
  • Looking Ahead: EMBL and You, Edith Heard
  • A Trip Around the World, EMBL’s global community
  • Happy Birthday Alumni Association, Giulio Superti-Furga
  • The EMBL Spirit, Edith Heard, Eero Vuorio, Angus Lamond
  • Performance, Pat Appleton
18:30 onwards hrs (CET) Alumni Gatherings Worldwide
  • Why not enjoy a get-together with your friends and colleagues following the
    live stream?
     Contact Peter Papagiannis, alumni@embl.org, to learn more.
18:30-19:30 hrs (CET) EMBL Lab Day drinks & poster session EMBL Heidelberg
19:30-21:00 hrs (CET) EMBL Lab Day dinner (open only to EMBL staff and alumni) EMBL Heidelberg
21:00 hrs onwards (CET) EMBL Lab Day band: The Wright Thing (open only to EMBL staff and alumni) EMBL Heidelberg