Molecular biology has developed since the mid-20th century to become a key discipline that helps us better understand the fundamental principles of life. Since 1974, EMBL has undertaken core research and led the field in Europe. Now based at five locations throughout Europe, EMBL’s history is intimately tied with our understanding of life at the molecular level. By gathering unique material about the institution, its scientific achievements and its staff, the EMBL Archive will tell the story of molecular biology first-hand and safeguard the institution’s memory for future generations.

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Buchwald, Jed

"There is no European centre where the history of modern European biology is available. EMBL, representing a consortium of member states, is in a unique position to consider taking on such a project." – Jed Buchwald, Professor of History, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), October 2010

Brenner, Sydney

"I am happy to lend strong support to your initiative and wish you all success. ... Molecular Biology is less than 60 years old and there are still some of us whose lives stretch across the entire period; it is important to have the first hand record of this amazing saga." – Sydney Brenner, March 2010