Bringing chemistry to life

Bringing chemistry to life Chemistry and biology team up for a clearer picture of living systems

Living systems, from small molecules to entire organisms, are subject to the laws of physics, mathematics and chemistry. Likewise, the study of biology and the life sciences is influenced and enriched by other disciplines.

Chemistry is particularly well-placed to increase our understanding of, and ability to intervene in, biological processes. Many EMBL scientists are working at the interface of biology and chemistry, using chemical tools to provide unique insight into biological functions and mechanisms. Ideas can flow in both directions, creating a melting pot of collaboration and creativity.

Using diverse experimental and theoretical techniques, chemical biologists at EMBL tackle challenging questions, ranging from deciphering chain-reactions inside cells to drug discovery. And at events such as the upcoming EMBO Conference, Chemical Biology 2012, biologists, chemists, biochemists and chemical biologists are joining forces, in what is emerging as an important and central discipline by itself.