Hear a snapshot of life at the lab in this multimedia feature.

Latest edition... Jumping genes

Listen in on a chat with Orsolya Barabas of EMBL Heidelberg and Ramesh Pillai of EMBL Grenoble about the chaos that transposons, or 'jumping genes', can inflict upon our cells, how we keep them under control, and why we have them at all.

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Jumping genes Explore the copy-paste world of transposons, or 'jumping genes' May 2013 Play
Duration: 4 mins 
Download: 4.1MB (right click,  'download/ save link as')
Biodiversity II: Bioinformatics and Biodiversity Hear how bioinformatics is helping to document and study biodiversity Nov 2012 Play
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Biodiversity I: Biodiversity and evolution Hear how studying biodiversity helps solve mysteries of evolution Oct 2012 Play
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EMBL and Tara Oceans Learn about EMBL's role in the Tara Oceans Expedition Mar 2012 Play
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Chemical biology at EMBL Hear about EMBL groups working in biology and chemistry Feb 2012 Play
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Model Organisms at EMBL Meet some of EMBL's model organisms Jul 2011 Play
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Ten years of the human genome sequence Learn about the decade since the first human genome sequence Feb 2011 Play
Duration: 6.5 mins
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Cryo-electron microscopy at EMBL Learn about EMBL science in cryo-electron microscopy Oct 2010 Play
Duration: 9 mins
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