Anna-Lynn Wegener, Joint Head of Strategy & Communications

Dan Noyes, Joint Head of Strategy & Communications


Isabel Heck, Administrative Assistant

Haipeng Zhou, Administrative Assistant

Production team

Design and graphics

Tabea Miriam Rauscher, Art Director

Spencer Phillips, Senior Graphic Designer, EMBL-EBI External Relations

Iulia Cartasiova, Graphic Design Trainee

Aleksandra Krolik, Graphic Design Trainee

Digital communications

Laura Howes, Social Media Manager

Rodica Petrusevschi, Communications Officer, EMBL-EBI External Relations

Spilios Vasilopoulos, Digital Editor

Editorial / EMBLetc. magazine

Adam Gristwood, Editorial Manager

Berta Carreño, Science Writer (intern)

Sarah Beth Puschmann, Science Writer (intern)

Stakeholder relations team

Lindsey Crosswell, Head of EMBL-EBI External Relations

Mary Todd Bergman, Senior Communications Officer, EMBL-EBI External Relations

Sonia Furtado Neves, Core Content Manager & Media Relations

Edward Dadswell, Core Content Officer

Chloë Cross, Internal Communications Manager

Steven Maginnis, Communications Officer

Isabelle Kling, Scientific Community Engagement Manager

Oana Stroe, Communications Officer, EMBL-EBI External Relations

Iris Kruijen, Press Officer

Strategy & analysis team

Maria Grazia Magro, Strategy & Analysis Manager

Konstantinos Repanas, Strategy & Analysis Manager

Outreach & local communications team

Angela Michel, Outreach & Local Communications Manager

Verena Viarisio, Outreach & Local Communications Manager

Isabelle Kling, EMBL Grenoble and Rome Local Communications Coordinator

Science in School magazine

Eleanor Hayes, Editor in Chief

Hannah Voak, Editor: Science in School

Susan Watt, Editor: Science in School