Anna-Lynn Wegener, Joint Head of Strategy & Communications

Dan Noyes, Joint Head of Strategy & Communications

Production team

Design and graphics

Tabea Miriam Rauscher, Art Director

Petra Riedinger, Senior Graphic Designer

Spencer Phillips, Senior Graphic Designer, External Relations EMBL-EBI

Digital communications

Mary Todd Bergman, Digital Communications Manager & Senior Communications Officer, External Relations EMBL-EBI

Michael Müller, Web & Collaboration Manager

Laura Howes, Social Media Manager

Rodica Petrusevschi, Communications Officer

Haipeng Zhou, Digital Editor

Editorial / EMBLetc. magazine

Adam Gristwood, Editorial Manager

Margaux Phares, Science Writer (intern)

Stakeholder relations team

Lindsey Crosswell, Head EMBL-EBI External Relations

Sonia Furtado Neves, Core Content Manager & Media Relations

Chloë Cross, Internal Communications Manager

Isabelle Kling, Scientific Community Engagement Manager

Strategy & analysis team

Maria Grazia Magro, Strategy & Analysis Manager

Outreach & local communications team

Angela Michel, Outreach & Local Communications Manager

Isabel Heck, Administrative Assistant

Isabelle Kling, EMBL Grenoble and Monterotondo Local Communications Coordinator

Rosemay Wilson, EMBL Hamburg Local Communications Coordinator

Science in School magazine

Eleanor Hayes, Editor in Chief

Hannah Voak, Editor: Science in School

Susan Watt, Editor: Science in School