Issue 96, Winter 2020

  • The impact of COVID-19 on women in science

  • Tackling tropical diseases

  • EMBL’s future directions

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Issue 95, Summer 2020

  • EMBL's contribution to fighting coronavirus

  • The Darwin Tree of Life project

  • Meet EMBL's new Environmental Officer

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Issue 94, Winter 2019

  • Science in the Barcelona Metro

  • We all come from the ocean

  • Snapshots from Mission Microplastics

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Issue 93, Summer 2019

  • Robots grow bio-inspired shapes

  • Wielding the genetic scissors

  • Twenty years of EMBLEM

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Issue 92, Winter 2018/19

  • Constructing tissue shapes with light

  • In the flesh

  • Translating science into designs

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Issue 91, Summer 2018 – click here

  • Nibbling on brain cells

  • Ocean origins

  • Seven new scientists

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Issue 90, Winter 2017/18 – click here

  • Jacques Dubochet: Nobel Prize winner

  • Curious realms

  • To laugh and then think

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Issue 89, Spring 2017 – click here

  • New approach to treating pain

  • EMBL opens new site in Barcelona

  • Humans of EMBL

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Issue 88, Autumn 2016 – click here

  • Spiral growth

  • What would it take to regrow an arm?

  • Capturing life in perspective

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Issue 87, Summer 2016 – click here

  • New dimensions

  • Gene editing 3.0 

  • Alumni in action  

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Issue 86, Spring 2016 – click here

  • The rhythms in life

  • Forgetting to learn 

  • Laughing matters 

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Issue 84, Summer 2015 – click here

  • Tara: an ocean odyssey

  • Catching up with alumni as EMBL Grenoble turns 40

  • Decoding disease with start-up Miroculus

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Issue 85, Autumn 2015 – click here

  • Humans of EMBL

  • 1000 Genomes Project: finding missing genes

  • What makes humans tick?

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Issue 83, Spring 2015 – click here

  • Cellular machines on the move

  • How neurons stay stable yet adaptable 

  • Inside industry – experiences of EMBL alumni

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Issue 82, Winter 2014/15 – click here

  • How plankton gets jet lagged

  • Crystallography: light years ahead

  • Meet the voice of the Philae comet lander

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Issue 81, Autumn 2014 – click here

  • Music of the spheres

  • Fighting bacteria with viruses

  • Remarkable summer adventures

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EMBL&cetera magazine, Issue 80, Summer 2014

Issue 80, Summer 2014 – click here

  • 40 things that make EMBL 

  • Remodelling the cell

  • The search for our neighbours 

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Issue 79, April 2014 – click here

  • Partnerships create frameworks for success

  • Slovak Republic becomes first prospect member 

  • Lowdown on EMBL's 40th Celebrations 

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Issue 78, December 2013 – click here

  • Grand opening for EMBL-EBI South Building 

  • What does sex and fear of 'bullies' have in common? 

  • EMBL Heidelberg's Head Chef retires 

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Issue 77, October 2013 – click here

  • Connecting life science and lasers in Hamburg

  • EMBL's PhD programme turns 30

  • Nordic partners connect in Oslo

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Issue 76, August 2013 – click here

  • How EMBL scientists are unravelling the secrets of cells

  • HeLa data agreement

  • Listen to your genes

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Issue 75, June 2013 – click here

  • Crowds gather for EMBL’s Open Day and Lab Day

  • EMBL-EBI’s Nick Goldman has the X-factor

  • EMBL affirms links with the Argentine Republic

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Issue 74, April 2013 – click here

  • Nordic EMBL partnership is extended and enlarged

  • Shedding light on the mysterious nuclear pore complex

  • Topping out of EMBL-EBI's newest addition

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Issue 73, February 2013 – click here

  • Using synthetic DNA to store data

  • Czech Republic requests to become member state

  • Fresh thinking on model organisms

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Issue 72, December 2012 – click here

  • DORIS synchrotron retires

  • Meet the new head of EMBL Monterotondo

  • New crystal harvesting method developed in Grenoble

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Issue 71, October 2012 – click here

  • ENCODE delivers the data

  • PETRA III renamed Max von Laue

  • Found in Translation in Barcelona

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Issue 70, August 2012 – click here

  • Celebrating science at Lab Day

  • Council meets in Heidelberg

  • BioSAXS milestones in Hamburg and Grenoble

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Issue 69, June 2012 – click here

• New discoveries hot off the press

• Ground breaking of new EMBL-EBI technical hub

• What is the biggest question in modern biology?

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Issue 68, April 2012 – click here

  • Nadia Rosenthal leaves EMBL Monterotondo

  • Instruct formally launched

  • Tara Oceans returns

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Issue 67, February 2012 – click here

  • EMBL-EBI Associate Director Graham Cameron retires

  • Advanced ERC grants for two EMBL scientists

  • From guardian to guerilla

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Issue 66, December 2011 – click here

  • Five-year programme approved by Council

  • UK invests £75 million in ELIXIR

  • The synergy of silent success

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Issue 65, October 2011 – click here

  • The right medicine – connecting basic science with clinical practice

  • Eric Wieschaus: Back in town

  • Green light for ELIXIR

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Issue 64, August 2011 – click here

  • Science in the spotlight

  • Summer council meeting in Grenoble

  • Invasion of the nasty gardeners?

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Issue 63, June 2011 – click here

  • Discovering a living legend

  • First scattering patterns from BioSAXS

  • From blood type to bug type

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Issue 62, April 2011 – click here

  • What the Memorandum of Understanding means for EMBL

  • Nobel Laureate outlines his vision for cancer research

  • Social networking with genes

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Issue 61, March 2011 – click here

  • Moving forward in microscopy

  • EMBL Advanced Training Centre first anniversary

  • New research centre in Hamburg

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Issue 60, December 2010 – click here

  • Presidential recognition for SAXS

  • Winter Council Meeting: outcomes

  • Russia signs Memorandum of Understanding

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Issue 59, October 2010 - click here

  • German ministerial governor visits EMBL Heidelberg

  • Rewriting the history of our cerebral cortex

  • Science at sea with EMBL's Steffi Kandels-Lewis

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Issue 58, August 2010 – click here

  • Summer council meeting: outcomes

  • ESOF 2010: something for everyone

  • Police academy: top cops visit EMBL

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Issue 57, June 2010 – click here

  • Happy 10th anniversary, ELMI
  • Grounded!
  • Pictures from Lab Day

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Issue 56, April 2010 – click here

  • The official opening of the ATC
  • EMBL Australia launches down under
  • Plans from the top

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Issue 55, February 2010 – click here

  • Fay's fabulous findings
  • Looking north to explore biomedicine
  • New technology to boost EM opportunities

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Issue 54, December 2009 – click here

  • Bernd-Uwe Jahn retires
  • Winter Council Meeting outcomes
  • When a monk came to EMBL

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Issue 53, October 2009

  • The ATC: your questions answered

  • Jorge Cham knows what you’re going through

  • Surprising allies


Issue 52, August 2009

  • Welcome to Heidelberg-on-sea

  • A good week for a field trip

  • EMBLEM: 10 years of tech transfer

Issue 51, June 2009

  • Science, posters, party: Lab Day!

  • Top award for Reflect team

  • Goodbye to Dietrich Suck


Issue 50, April 2009

  • New look for EMBL&cetera's 50th edition

  • Monterotondo's movers, shakers and men of many talents

  • Climb the tree of life


Issue 49, February 2009

New head of personnel knows what you're going through

Laurence set to 'animate' associations in the PSB

PETRA progressing

Making the world smaller

Issue 48, December 2008

EMBL-EBI goes to Westminster

Tree of life to form centrepiece of museum exhibit

Mission impossible: EMBL's new advances in NMR

The woman who wasn’t there

Issue 47, October 2008

A top ceremony for the Advanced Training Centre

An EMBL reunion – in Japan!

A picture's worth a thousand words

Adéquation seeks new leader

Issue 46, August 2008

New unit heads confirmed at summer Council meeting

Unravelling the mystery of cot death

A passage to India

From ESOF to the Kinderhaus: communication’s big!

Issue 45, June 2008

Platypus genome sequence offers ticket back in time

Time to shop! Go-ahead for PETRA III plans

"I had no idea what the day-to-day life of a scientist involves"

Women scientists prove it's no longer a man's world

Issue 44, April 2008

Meet Helke, the new Dean of Graduate Studies

EMBL's big in Japan

Would you really like to be 150 years old?

Make a date for Lab Day 

Issue 43, February 2008

New webpages lead you through the grants maze

Positive feedback for the new-look PhD course

Would you give money to this man?

Interview: "I will never debate with a creationist"

Issue 42, December 2007

New faces at 2007's Winter Council meeting

EBI hosts VIPs at official opening of new building

"We try to encourage the children to find their talents"

PETRA-III gets her top on

Issue 41, October 2007

What's it really like to come to EMBL as a predoc?

Future plans from the new Head of Personnel

Official: Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine

Locally-run ELLS events kick off in Monterotondo

Issue 40, August 2007

Council Meeting: Australia to join as associate member state

New heads of units for EMBL Heidelberg

EMBL-EBI throws open the doors to training facilities

Issue 39, June 2007

ENCODE findings challenge views about human genome

Do you want to brush up on your skills?

Mice providing some answers to human questions 

Issue 38, April 2007

First cell 'mapped' in 3D by EMBL researchers

An Indian adventure

A huge thumbs-up at Cambridge Science Festival

Trip to the frozen north for partnership talks

Issue 37, February 2007

"We want to find the best people to take us in new directions"

EMBL Hamburg tipped for the top

Liliana's forgetful mice hit world headlines

A passionate promoter of science 

Issue 36, December 2006

Stamp of approval for future at winter Council meeting

Predocs return from Prague with their minds on disease

Check out 'EB-eye', a foolproof new search engine

Genes spring to mind at brain conference

Issue 35, October 2006

Work begins on the ATC

A non-crystallographer in Hamburg

Not just a job for the boys

A Meme Machine: Susan Blackmore visits EMBL

Issue 34, August 2006

First EMBL Council meeting for newest Member State

Hopes for a bigger, brighter future for the EBI

Group Leaders head to the coast in pursuit of a Partnership

FEBS in Turkey: the impact of affirmative action

Issue 33, June 2006

Croatia becomes nineteenth EMBL Member State

Retirement of an EMBL mover and shaker

From Google Earth to EMBLWorld

SPINE enters the next generation

Issue 32, April 2006

Major new training centre to be built at EMBL-Heidelberg

EIROforum launches science teaching journal

Christos heads for home

EUCOMM gets ahead of the game

Issue 31, February 2006

The CIBB opens its doors in Grenoble

Potonik pays a visit

Issue 30, December 2005

Draft EMBL Programme 2007–2011 presented to Council

It wasn't all work at "Biology at Work"

High-throughput facility inaugurated in Hamburg

Kafatos named Chairman of ERC Council

Issue 29, October 2005

Proteins translate into EMBL's biggest-ever conference

Where was everybody this Autumn?

EBI co-hosts major meeting on bioinformatics in drug discovery and design

Plans for the ERC pick up speed

Issue 28, August 2005

Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit enters new phase

What's new in EMBL's IT Services?

New beamline for EMBL Hamburg

Issue 27, June 2005

Iain Mattaj takes over the helm of EMBL

EBI set to expand thanks to funding from UK agencies

Taking time out for reflection

Charity begins at home

Issue 26, April 2005

An interview with departing Director-General Fotis C.Kafatos

Nourishing the bioinformaticians of tomorrow: Open Day at the EBI

Taking a break from the bench

EU networks focus on complexes and pathways

Issue 25, February 2005

There's something for everyone in Karyn's Genomes

Daniel Dennett to deliver lecture at EMBL

EMBL participates in largest EC Science and Society grant

EMBL retreat: towards a Lab "postdoc culture"

Issue 24, December 2004

Iceland becomes EMBL's 18th member state

EMBL-family celebrates big anniversaries

Science and Society tackles Time and Aging

Friends and colleagues gather at the first EMBL Alumni Association reunion

Issue 23, October 2004

30 years of structural biology in Hamburg

Branco Weiss fellowship goes to EMBL alumnus

The curious incident of the disappearing helix

Time and Aging to take center stage at EMBL

Issue 22, August 2004

Mattaj named next DG at Council meeting

EC grants major award to PhD Programme

A wealth of information from a little fish

MitoCheck: on the trail of the cell cycle

Issue 21, June 2004

EMBL and DESY renew their vows

Chemical Genomics facility set to open

Lab Day 2004: from protein crystals to hard rock

Groundbreaking ceremony held for PSB 

Issue 20, April 2004

New center for modeling and simulation

EuroStemCell project in Monterotondo

EMBO 3rd International Teachers Workshop

Get to know EMBL Ventures

Issue 19, February 2004

New collaborative projects for EMBL

Scientific advisors meet in Berlin

A modest proposal regarding Mars

November Science and Society conference to explore time and aging

Issue 18, December 2003

"Centres" to promote cross-Unit research

Science in the European Constitution

Grand challenges in global health

A creative approach to "Physics and Life"

Issue 17, October 2003

EM core facility opens at EMBL Heidelberg

HD Forum draws welcome support

ALMF celebrates five years of looking at really small things

Issue 16, August 2003

Ireland becomes EMBL's 17th member state

EMBL establishes Endowment Fund

BMBF pledges one million Euro for purchase of new electron microscope

Issue 15, June 2003

25 years in Heidelberg!

Become a bioinformaticist in five easy lessons at a new EBI website

Issue 14, April 2003

EBI to co-host the world's largest bioinformatics conference

EMBL researchers travel to Africa to help build community health center 

Issue 13, February 2003

Medaka genome to be completed

EBI launches Genome Knowledge Base

Issue 12, December 2002

EMBL groups help wrap up mouse, mosquito genomes 

Issue 11, July 2002

Outstations to play key role in integrated projects

Issue 10, March 2002

EMBL and HD University Clinic establish Partnership Unit

Issue 9, December 2001

Council acting to resolve salary dispute  

Issue 8, August 2001

EMBL appoints heads for Hinxton and Monterotondo 

Issue 6, December 2000 November

Council meeting brings welcome news 

Issue 5, October 2000

EMBL establishes technology transfer company

Issue 4, September 2000

Developing a new dialogue:
EMBL/EMBO sponsor major Conference on Science and Society

EMBL's Scientific Programme 2001-2005 presented to Council

Issue 3, February 2000

EMBL Council passes resolutions on important ILO, EBI issues

Issue 2, October 1999

A new look and feel for EMBL's official WWW pages

Issue 1, July 1999

News about services, staff, science and society