The Strategy and Analysis team supports and advises the Director General in a variety of strategic and operational activities, including strategic planning and communication, performance monitoring, analysing science policy and representing EMBL externally.

To follow developments at EMBL, the team interacts closely with staff in all areas of EMBL activities, including research, services, training, international relations, outreach, technology transfer and administration.

Strategy development

A major task of the team is coordinating the production of the EMBL Programme, EMBL’s five-year strategic plan, which integrates EMBL’s diverse missions and research activities into a cohesive scientific strategy. The EMBL Programme forms the basis on which the EMBL Indicative Scheme, the indicative budget for a five-year period, is agreed with EMBL’s member states.

In addition, the team also makes its expertise available throughout the Laboratory or to scientific organisations in the member states to advise or collaborate in scientific strategic planning tasks.

Analysis and reporting

In order to monitor the implementation of the institutional strategy and report on progress of activities to internal and external stakeholders, the Strategy and Analysis team periodically collects statistics from throughout the organisation and generates performance indicators. In addition to producing reports, the team uses these indicators to observe emerging trends and develop plans in response to needs and opportunities identified at EMBL. Working together with other parts of the organisation, the team also drives the implementation and optimisation of reporting systems at EMBL.

Science policy

The third area of responsibility of the Strategy and Analysis team is analysing science policy and developing EMBL’s position on relevant policy issues. The team also researches topics of political or scientific strategic interest to EMBL and assists senior management in the preparation of new initiatives and policies.