Cleaning Service

Please note that Guest Houses have an obligatory cleaning service. See prices below. This service is non-negotiable.

Rooms and apartments are cleaned once a month (more often upon request with extra charge). The cleaning service will automatically change your sheets and towels, unless you prefer to use your own. Dish washing and tidying up are not included.

Monthly cleaning (obligatory)

1-room apartments: 25.00 Euros / month
2-room maisonette apartments: 35.00 Euros / month
2-room apartments: 40.00 Euros / month
3-room apartments: 50.00 Euros / month
4-room apartments: 80.00 Euros / month

End cleaning (obligatory)

1-room apartments: 45.00 Euros
2-room maisonette apartments: 50.00 Euros
2-room apartments: 55.00 Euros
3-room apartments: 70.00 Euros
4-room apartments: 100.00 Euros


Additional bed, incl. sheets & towels: 20.00 Euros / max. one month
Additional sheets and towels: 8.00 Euros / month
Baby bed: on request, free of charge
Irons, ironing-boards and vacuum cleaners: free of charge; please only borrow for a maximum of two days
Washing machine (token): 2.00 Euros
Dryer (token): 1.50 Euros

Tokens are available in the Guest House office, at the EMBL Reception or at the ISG Hotel reception.

Caretaker Service

Should any repairs in your apartment be necessary, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can inform our caretaker. It is also possible to enter necessary repairs into our 'Complaints Books', which are located opposite the big bulletin boards at the bottom of the stairs to the office (Boxberg) or next to the lift in the entrance area (Eichwald).

Garbage Disposal

In Germany, garbage must be separated by law. Yellow containers (Guest House Eichwald) are for recyclable garbage such as cans, tins, plastics etc., blue containers are for paper and cardboard. Green or black containers are for non-recyclable garbage such as food rests, tissues, nappies etc.

These garbage containers are located next to the building.

Glass containers are provided by the city and are located about 10 meters to the right of the Boxberg Guest House and opposite the Eichwald Guest House.