The apartments can only be rented for a whole calendar month (1–30 or 31 of the month). If you wish to stay longer than this, you must sign a leasing contract. It must be signed within the first 3 days of your extended stay and submitted to the guesthouse administration. The contract is binding and states that you must pay your rent by the 15th of every month. Notice must be given one whole month prior to vacating the apartment.

Example: If you wish to vacate the apartment by the end of May, notice must be given by the end of April.

Rent can be paid at the Guest House Office (by cash or EC/Maestro card). If you wish to stay longer than one month, payment by direct debit will be necessary! For details please contact the relevant guest house officer.

Tenants staying longer than a month must provide a refundable deposit. At the beginning and at the end of the lease, a signed agreement will be made regarding the inventory and condition of the apartment. At the end of the lease if no damages or outstanding debts occur, the rental deposit will be returned in full with accrued interest.