Construction of EMBL Heidelberg in 1974

Construction of the EMBL Advanced Training Centre

2010 - Official opening of the EMBL Advanced Training Centre in Heidelberg

2006 - Construction of the new Advanced Training Centre starts in Heidelberg

2001 - International Technology Transfer Center is built on Heidelberg campus.

1991 - Construction of EMBL's NMR facility begins.

1988 - EMBL's Operon conference centre and seminar facilities are built at Heidelberg. The first EMBL childcare facilities are opened.

1984 - Construction of EMBL guest houses for visiting scientists and newcomers begins.

1978 - Scientists move from temporary facilities into the newly completed laboratory at Heidelberg.

1975 - Construction of the Heidelberg laboratory begins.

1971 - Heidelberg is chosen as the site for EMBL's main laboratory.