As the sole intergovernmental research-performing European infrastructure for the life sciences, EMBL frequently engages in European science policy issues with concrete advice on how to strengthen life science research in Europe and beyond, manage large-scale research infrastructures, encourage mobility of researchers and others topics.

Position papers

EMBL position papers anticipate or respond to ongoing issues of concern across a broad area of policy matters or research topics. EMBL position papers are prepared in close consultation with our researchers and science managers. They generally provide concrete recommendations for action to specific stakeholders at the European level.

European Molecular Biology Laboratory’s vision for the 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2017)

EMBL position paper on the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020 (2017)

Responses to public consultations

EMBL frequently responds to public consultations launched by the European Commission (EC). Public consultations allow citizens as well as organisations such as EMBL to express their views before EU institutions proceed to further drafting of policies.

EMBL response to the public consultation on Transformation of Health and Care in the Digital Single Market (2017)

EMBL response to the public consultation on a One Health Action Plan to support Member States in the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance (2017)

EMBL response to the public consultation on the Interim Evaluation of the Horizon 2020 Programme (2016)

EMBL’s contribution to completing the European Research Area (ERA) - Survey for Research Performing Organisations (2013)

EMBL’s written response to the public consultation on the European Research Area Framework (2011)

EMBL’s written response to the European Commission’s Green Paper on a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation 2014-2020 (2011)


In its engagement in European science policy issues, EMBL has a long-standing and close cooperation with the members of EIROforum, a partnership of eight European intergovernmental research organisations with large research infrastructures. EIROforum also publishes position papers on science policy issues.

EIROforum Position Paper on the Next Framework Programme “FP9” (2017)

EIROforum position paper: How EIROforum could contribute to the European Open Science Cloud (2017)

EIROforum IT working group: The Federated Scientific Data Hub (2017)

EIROforum position paper: European Innovation Council (2016)

EIROforum discussion paper: Long-term sustainability of Research Infrastructures (2015)

EIROforum IT working group: A European Open Science Cloud (2015)

EIROforum science policy on the EIROforum website