Plamena Markova

Plamena Markova
Head of International Relations

Strategic and political advice and coordination of all matters of the team

Hana Jurina Maria Ananchenkova

Hana Jurina
Senior International Relations Officer

  • Relations with current member states
  • Engagement with potential member states and other international partners

Maria Ananchenkova
International Relations Officer

  • Horizon 2020 Teaming project with Hungary
  • Relations with current and potential member states

Sarah Kaiser

Axel Debry
EU Relations Officer

  • EU affairs and EIROforum international affairs
  • European Science Policy

Sarah Kaiser
Project Officer
(maternity leave cover)

  • Partnership Programme
  • Horizon 2020 widening measures and other research collaborations

Dr. Agata Pernus Voigt

Lynda Davis

Dr. Agata Pernus Voigt
Project Officer
(on maternity leave)

  • Partnership Programme
  • Horizon 2020 widening measures and other research collaborations

Lynda Davis Prohl
Administrative Assistant


Lina Franziska Woelk
Master/Bachelor graduated



  • Provides political advice and expertise to the Director International Relations and the Director General;
  • Is responsible for shaping and implementing the international and European relations strategy of EMBL at a political and science policy level;
  • Develops and supports cooperation with member states, prospect member states and associate member states, for which it interacts with governments, national science policy agencies and national research institutes;
  • Shapes and implements new strategies for engagement with potential new member states and their actors;
  • Develops, oversees and implements the EMBL’s Partnership Programme;
  • Coordinates EMBL’s relations with the European Commission and other EU institutions and influences science policy on a European and international level by ensuring EMBL’s voice is heard by relevant decision-makers;
  • Represents EMBL in, and manages relations with, EIROforum.