In this session a panel of scientists will discuss and broaden the debate presented during the two morning sessions of day one, i.e., "North-South: The political economy of affliction" and "The big killers: Past, present and future". First, the panellists will make short statements and/or raise questions related to specific aspects of the morning's presentations. Afterwards, the audience is welcome to make comments and raise questions, with replies from the panelists. The overall theme of the discussion will be around the political, economic, social and behavioural forces and the 'bio-social' dynamics affecting the epidemiology and burden of infectious diseases in resourcepoor settings. Some of the following questions may be considered by the panelists and the audience:

  • How to reconcile development and transfer of health technologies to fight infectious diseases, with underlying gaps in social justice?
  • What are the dynamics between research, policy and 'politics'?
  • What are the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications [ELSI] of biotechnology, e.g., vaccines, pharmaceuticals and genetically-modified [GM] vectors, and its transfer into resource-poor settings?
  • What are the gender implications of biotechnology and its transfer?
  • How to strengthen research capacity in disease endemic countries?
  • What efforts are needed to overcome the 10/90 gap?
  • What kind of research is needed? Are new 'types' of research necessary?