Dr. Donald Bruce has been Director of the Society, Religion and Technology Project (SRT) of the Church of Scotland since 1992. He previously spent 15 years in chemistry research in nuclear energy and safety and risk assessment. He holds doctorates in chemistry and theology. The SRT Project was established in 1970 to address ethical and social issues arising from modern technology. For over 10 years SRT has been at the forefront of the ethical debate on a range of biotechnology issues especially GM crops, cloning and stem cells, and has published various seminal books and reports. He has recently spoken on human enhancement issues at debates at the Royal Institution and the Edinburgh International Science Festival and on stem cell ethics at EMBO. He is a member of the public issues advisory committee of the UK Biotechnology Research Council and an observer to the UNESCO International Bioethics Committee. He was a member of the Scottish Science Advisory Committee from 2002-2004. He is a member of bioethics working groups of the Conference of European Churches and the World Council of Churches. He teaches ethics for biotechnology students, is much involved with public engagement and participation on science issues, and is a frequent writer and broadcaster.

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