Born on 26 of August 1955 in Aachen, married to Sylvia Kruse with two children. Study of Psychology, Philosophy and Music at the universities of Aachen and Bonn and the Academy of Music in Cologne. Doctoral thesis in Psychology on 'Structures of experience and behavior in chronic diseases' at the University of Bonn, Habilitation in Psychology on 'Competence in old age â relationships to objective and subjectively perceived aspects of life situation' at the University of Heidelberg. Foundation director, foundation professor and chair of Lifespan Psychology and Pedagogical Psychology at the Psychological Institute of the University of Greifswald (1993-1997), since 1997 director of the Gerontological Institute and chair of Gerontology of the University of Heidelberg. International and national grants. 1st International Presidential Award of the International Association of Gerontology, Max Borger Preis of the German Society for Gerontology and Geriatrics, 1st Intergenerational Award of the federal state Rhineland-Palatinate, medical and psychological awards. The Gerontological Institute of the University of Heidelberg is a Collaboration Center of the World Health Organization (Geneva). Guest professorships at the universities of Jerusalem, Copenhagen and Lund. Main research interests: Competence in old age, productive aging, consequences of demographic change, rehabilitation, intervention research, palliative medicine and palliative care, ethical questions.Third-party funds received from European Commission, German Ministry for Science and Technology, German Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, German Ministry for Work and Social Affairs, German Ministry for Health and Social Security, German Research Foundation, Federal Ministry for Science and Arts of Baden-Württemberg, Robert Bosch Foundation.