Luis Serrano


Luis Serrano completed his PhD at the CBM (Madrid, Spain) on Cell Biology. Then he spent four years in the laboratory of Prof. A.R. Fehrs (MRC, UK) working in protein folding. In 1993, he became Group Leader at the EMBL (Heidelberg, Germany) working in Protein Folding and design. Ten years later, he was appointed head of the Structural & Computational Biology programme at the EMBL and he started to work on Systems Biology. End of 2006 he moved back to Spain to lead a programme working on Systems Biology and became vicedirector of the CRG.

His group is currently focused on Synthetic Biology, engineering and designing of biological systems. He is EMBO member since 1999 and received the Marie Curie Excellence Award. He has published more than 200 papers in international journals. He has always been very mindful about the importance of the successful transfer of scientific discoveries to the society. He was involved in the creation of one of the first Spanish Biotech. Companies (Diverdrugs) in 1999. He is also co-founder of Cellzome, EnVivo and TRISKEL.