Lars Steinmetz


Lars Steinmetz grew up in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. He studied molecular biophysics and biochemistry at Yale University and conducted his PhD research on genomewide approaches to study gene function and natural phenotypic diversity with Ron Davis at Stanford University. After a brief period of postdoctoral research at the Stanford Genome Technology Center, where he worked on functional genomic technology development, he moved back to Europe in 2003, where he opened his own group at the EMBL in Heidelberg.

Research in his lab is focused on applying functional genomic approaches and high-throughput methods in yeast to study complex traits, transcription and the mitochondrial organelle at a systems level.

Since 2003, he has been co-coordinator of the Center for High Throughput Functional Genomics at EMBL and his research group has been affiliated with the gene expression and developmental biology Units. Since 2006 he has participated in the leadership of the EMBL International PhD Programme.

Since joining EMBL he has also maintained a research group at the Stanford Genome Technology Center in California where his research focuses on decreasing the cost and increasing the throughput of functional genomics technologies for systems biology.