Our House is Burning: Scientific and Societal Responses to Mass Extinction
4-5 November 2020, EMBL Heidelberg

Science as Storytelling: From Facts to Fictions
24-25 October 2019, EMBL Heidelberg

Infectious diseases: Past, present, and future
15-16 November 2018, EMBL Heidelberg

EMBL | EMBO Joint Conferences

From 2000 to 2016, EMBL and EMBO alternated in organising a joint Science & Society Conference. Follow the links below to find out more about their topics and speakers. Recordings of many of the conference presentations can be found on EMBL's Mediasite Catalogue.

3-4 November 2016
17th EMBL | EMBO Joint Conference
The Past in the Present – The Making of Memories

5-6 November 2015
16th EMBO | EMBL Joint Conference
Emerging Biotechnologies: Hype, Hope and Hard Reality

6-7 November 2014
15th EMBL | EMBO Joint Conference
Foods are us! On eating and becoming…

7-8 November 2013
14th EMBO | EMBL Joint Conference
Public and Private Health – Genomics, Medicine and Society

9-10 November 2012
13th EMBL | EMBO Joint Conference
Biodiversity in the Balance: Causes and Consequences

4-5 November 2011
12th EMBO | EMBL Joint Conference
Making sense of mental illness: biology, medicine and society

5-6 November 2010
11th EMBL | EMBO Joint Conference
The Difference between the Sexes - From Biology to Behaviour

6-7 November 2009
10th EMBO | EMBL Joint Conference
Food, sustainability and plant science - a global change

7-8 November 2008
9th EMBL | EMBO Joint Conference
Systems and Synthetic Biology Scientific and Social Implications

2-3 November 2007
8th EMBO | EMBL Joint Conference
The future of our species - Evolution, disease and sustainable development
Summary impressions | Programme | Abstract book

3-4 November 2006
7th EMBL | EMBO Joint Conference
Genes, brain/mind and behaviour

28-29 October 2005
6th EMBO | EMBL Joint Conference
Science and Security
Programme | Abstract Book

5-6 November 2004
5th EMBL | EMBO Joint Conference
Time and aging, mechanisms and meanings
Abstract Book

14-15 November 2003
4th EMBO | EMBL Joint Conference
Genetics, determinism and human freedom

8-9 November 2002
3rd EMBL | EMBO Joint Conference
Infectious diseases: challenges, threats, and responsibilities
Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology postnote

16-18 November 2001
2nd EMBO | EMBL Joint Conference
From genomes to cures
Programme | Highlights of the EMBO | EMBL Science & Society Conference

10-12 November 2000
1st EMBL | EMBO Joint Conference
Developing a new dialogue