Dr. Emmanuel Reynaud, EMBL

A long road yet to travel: building scientific capacity in developing countries

Wednesday, 24 June, 16:00, Small Operon

Emmanuel Reynaud, EMBL

The great divide between developed and developing countries is a horrible and simple truth. It applies not only to food, human rights and wealth, but also to science and technology. Kofi Annan pointed out the large inequalities in science between developed countries and developing countries. This unbalanced distribution of scientific activity generates serious problems not only for the scientific community in the developing countries, but for development itself. There are many roads that can be taken and many bridges that can be built build to close those gaps. but the future, in those troubled times of economic recession, is still uncertain. Many big and small initiatives, such as the 'Doha plan of action' approved by the G7, are paving the way in the right direction.