Dr Jonathan Adams

Wednesday, 14 September 2011, 16.00, Large Operon, EMBL Heidelberg

Dr Jonathan Adams, Director of Research Evaluation, Thomson Reuters

The new geography of science: changing the global research map


Dr Jonathan Adams was the lead founder of Evidence Ltd, and is now Director of Research Evaluation for Thomson Reuters. He has worked at King's College London (1979-1980), University of Newcastle upon Tyne (1980-1983), University of Leeds (1983-1989) and Imperial College London (1989-1992). He was a member of the science policy staff of the UK Advisory Board for the Research Councils from 1989-1992 and was Leeds University's Director of Research Strategy (1993-1997). Dr Adams has published over 100 articles in research journals and scholarly books. In the last two years he has published a series of reports on the growth of research in the BRIC economies and has recently made invited presentations at the Académie des Sciences, Paris; Rand Corporation think-tank meetings in Washington, USA; and academic and commercial conferences in Brussels, China and Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Russia. Dr Adams led the New Zealand government's 2008 review of research evaluation and was a member of the Australian Research Council (ARC) indicators development group for the new national research assessment system Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA). In 2004 he chaired the EC Monitoring Committee for the Evaluation of Framework Programme 6; in 2006, he chaired the Monitoring Group of the European Research Fund for Coal & Steel; and, in 2010, he was an Expert Advisor to the interim evaluation of FP7. He has been a scientific advisor to the Royal Institute for Technology, Stockholm. Evidence Thomson Reuters is currently carrying out research evaluation for agencies and institutions in the UK, elsewhere in Europe, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. It publishes the UK Higher Education Research Yearbook and has a wide range of products and services providing decision support to research managers. Since 2010, it has worked with Times Higher Education on THE’s ‘World University Rankings’.