19 November 2012, EMBL Heidelberg
Hunting our Molecular Past with Ancient DNA
Eske Willerslev, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

24 October 2012, EMBL Grenoble
Rethinking Human Origines
Jean-Jacques Hublin, Director Max-Planck-Institute Leipzig, Germany

16 October 2012, EMBL Heidelberg
Race and Gender in a Postgenomic Age
Sarah S: Richardson, Assistant Professor of the History of Science and of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

20 September 2012, EMBL Heidelberg
Sharing bioresources and data: ethical aspects, incentives and evolving framework 
Anne Cambon-Thomsen, CNRS Director of Research

6 September 2012, EMBL Heidelberg
Egg to organism: Visualizing the concepts of development
Benny Shilo, Dept. of Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel

17 July 2012, EMBL Heidelberg
The price of altruism
Oren Harman, Bar Ilan University, Israel
Video of the talk

10 May 2012, EMBL Heidelberg
Deadly Elixir: Science and the Promise of Immortality
Stephen Cave, philosopher and writer

7 May 2012, EMBL Monterotondo
Animal-human chimeras - monsters or better models for research?
Robin Lovell-Badge, National Institute for Medical Research, United Kingdom

16 March 2012, EMBL Heidelberg
Soul Dust: the Magic of Consciousness 
Nicholas Humphrey, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the London School of Economics

13 February 2012, EMBL Heidelberg
The importance and ethics of basic neuroscience research with non-human primates
Dr. Stefan Treue, University of Göttingen, Germany

13 January 2012, EMBL Hamburg
The (Very Gradual) Emergence of Darwin's Evolutionary Theory
Harriet Ritvo, Arthur J. Conner Professor of History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA