Multidisciplinary Lecture Series

Since 1998, the Science and Society Programme has represented one of EMBL's main outreach activities. Its goal is to promote a better and broader understanding of the growing social and cultural relevance of the life sciences. One of the pillars of this initiative is an interdisciplinary seminar series entitled EMBL Forum. The seminars organised within it are all concerned with how the life sciences impact on our societies and cultures, our quality of life and our views of the world.

Live streams and recordings

Many of the seminars are now streamed live or are recorded for later viewing via our Mediasite catalogue. Upon opening the link, select 'Science and Society' in the left-hand menu and pick the year or lecture format to view the available recordings. Use the powerful search on the top right to search by speaker name or affiliation or topical keywords. If slides are available for a lecture, their content will also be included in the search results.

The available recordings have been selected by EMBL staff according to established criteria. However, EMBL is in no way responsible for, nor necessarily endorses, the views and opinions expressed by invited speakers.

Staff-only recordings

Please note that certain recordings are only accessible to EMBL staff. To view them, please log in using your EMBL credentials via the drop-down ('Welcome Guest') on the top right above the search.


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