Humanity faces massive challenges

The 2020s will have to be a decade in which we all, citizens of planet earth, help to solve the pressing problems that threaten humankind and our environment. Climate change – of course -  but also pollution, malnutrition, biodiversity and the energy crisis, all of which are interconnected.

How can EMBL help?

Science will have to be a key motor for finding solutions. EMBL as a globally leading life science research institute has a prime responsibility to become a major force.

We need courageous, creative approaches to identify potential solutions, to fund and support necessary research and to disseminate and implement solutions.

Initiated by EMBL Director Prof. Matthias Hentze, the Environmental Research Fund will support and enable new research that is deemed to have an impact on finding solutions to society’s biggest environmental challenges.

As a priority, the fund will create unique opportunities to empower the world’s most brilliant young scientists to realise their groundbreaking ideas of how to address environmental projects using any aspect of modern molecular biology. In EMBL’s unparalleled multidisciplinary and collaborative research environment and culture, bright young minds will create novel solutions and breakthroughs.

How you can engage with EMBL in the drive to find solutions

We are looking for partners to engage with us on this journey and provide financial support for this vital, exciting initiative. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more:

Joana Witkowski
Head of Resource Development
+49 – 6221 387 8628